Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today's meals

Besides breakfast, of course... breakfast for me was after the gym and included some nectarines, bananas, and tangerines. Delicious! We usually do eat just fruit for breakfast... enough to satiate our needs. We also try to "earn" each of our meals by working in the garden, running around in the "pie" shape outside, or working out at home or at the gym, usually doing hte latest CrossFit "Workout of the Day" (WOD).

Today for lunch Alicia made Kale Salad, Carrot Salad (mixed with Avo Mayo), and something new--mushrooms stuffed with our No-Net Tuna Salad. I requested Kale Salad because we brought some as a sample to the YMCA, and some of our friends tried them there. They even placed an order later in the day! So anyway, I was actually a little jealous when I saw them eat it, so we had to make some more for lunch. You can find the ingredients and the recipes for all of these things in our catalog and newsletter each week! Please ask if you missed an issue with one of these things, and we can get it to you!

Also shown on the right is a strawberry mylkshake, which was absolutely wonderful. We made it using the Vanilla Mylk, which is now in our catalog. The almonds are blended with vanilla, lemon juice, and water, and then strained in a nut mylk bag:

We then blended that mixture with some fresh strawberries, ice, and agave nectar. Here is the result:

Here is a picture of Alicia making the stuffed mushrooms:

Don't they like good? Our No-Net Tuna was great this week, as we added more pickled cucumbers than usual, and the finished product was nice and moist:

For dinner, we had our new "Roasted Veggies" (shown in the bowl topped with fresh mushrooms and grape tomatoes from the garden) with some Alicia Crackers, as well as some Tomato Sandwiches (which were also topped with the Tuna--we had a LOT of extra of it this week, much to Wyatt's delight!). The roasted veggies are seasonal vegetables marinated in oil, lemon juice, and herbs and then dehydrated. This batch included squash, broccoli, and tomatoes.

This was a delicious dinner, and the kids loved it too! This was the first time we got to eat the roasted veggies, and they were a hit!

Grape Tomatoes from the ¡Viva La Verde! garden:

Questions? Comments? Yes, it was all very delicious. We can't wait to see what we come up with next! Our next post should be about the Chocolate Morsals. Stay tuned...