Monday, July 16, 2012

I love my wife! And our life!

Posted on Darius' Facebook page on 07/16/2012:
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Here is a preview of the second ¡Viva La Verde! email, which will be sent out in the next few minutes. I actually surprised and inspired myself (!) by what I was writing, and I wanted to share it with you as well. Eat your heart out, Alicia, Cindi, Stephen, Elizabeth, Erin, Tatyana, Nick, Corby, and Orion!
The "Happy Anniversary Darius and Alicia" edition! This Wednesday, July 18, Alicia and I will have been married for nine whole years! Alicia, I love you baby--eating organic and raw vegan has never been so fun! :)
And I want to thank Mom for introducing us to this wonderful world!  And Dad for supporting us on our journey.  And Angelina for being with us and having us to raise her!  We love you all!  
I just want to share with you how totally FUN raw foods can be. We recently remodeled and reorganized the Viva store so that our kitchen could be right here in town (which is also where the chefs live, so it is closer to work for them!). Well, Alicia is one of the two executive chefs (the other is Mom [Cindi]. Hi mom!) that created all these fun recipes that you (and we) get to enjoy every week. The great thing about this is that Alicia is now able to return to the kitchen, and boy is she having fun! She loves it. It is a PASSION of hers. She knows that the food that we eat is literally saving, preserving, and extending our lives, and that is the reason we started this business as well--to share what we know and what we can do with other people. We love sharing! And especially Alicia--she loves loves loves to create new things. So look out, Northeast Florida! There may be some new raw food creations that you will get to try in the coming weeks and months. I know I for one am seriously looking forward to seeing what comes out of this fabulous kitchen next! I just realized while typing this that after our nine years together, over HALF of it (five years come October) will have been us eating on raw vegan foods and thriving together. Like it or not, world, this is us for the rest of our lives, and we LOVE IT. And we want to make it easier and funner for YOU. Wether you do it 100% or 10% (did you realize we are ALL raw vegans to a certain extent? Don't we all eat a raw apple, banana, or peach some of the time? Salad greens, anyone?), we want to support YOU and share with YOU and have fun with YOU. Let's do this!